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Senjyu which means ‘eternity of life’ conveys a lifelong passion in serving the freshest and finest Japanese food. Inspired by the truest traditions of Japanese cuisine and infused with the imagination of contemporary tastes brings sophistication without excessive price tags.

Senjyu is a mid to upscale Japanese restaurant targeted at Japanese food lovers seeking to add a touch of sophistication and class to their palettes. It has grown to have three restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia.

Infusing art and culinary finesse to deliver a memorable gastronomic experience, the freshest and finest air-flown ingredients are used to craft premium dishes such as Wagyu Tataki, Senjyu Dynamite Maki, Kaki No Cheesse Yaki (grilled live oyster topped with melted cheese), Otoro Sashimi and an impressive spread of teppanyaki choices.

Such insistence on quality, freshness and the best gourmet disciplines craft the ideal balance between authenticity and modernity. Savour the best of both worlds, perfected with a touch of elegance and creativity. It all adds up to a dining experience that’s distinctly Senjyu. 

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