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"Think Sushi, Think Sakae"

Our Food

Since the setting up of our very first Sakae Sushi  outlet in 1997, we have grown to have outlets worldwide in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA and developed an outstanding portfolio of popular brands

Food Safety

Apart from using top quality ingredients, our sushi rice is also enriched with  Vitamin E  for our customers added health benefits. We also make  frequent farm visits to ensure the safety and traceability of our food sources as ingredients such as our salmon is flown in on a regular basis. These initiatives have been recognised and the brand has been conferred numerous awards including the Singapore Promising Brand Award, CitiBusiness-SPBA Regional Brand Award, Singapore Innovation Award and Singapore Service Class.

We constantly expand our food sources to find high-quality ingredients at better prices thus enabling us to keep selling prices affordable. We work very closely with our suppliers and we go on regular farm visits to ensure that our sources provide safe and fresh food/raw materials.

HACCP Certification
We ensure the safety of the food supply chain by implementing a robust food safety system which we continually strive to improve. Besides achieving HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification for our Central Kitchen, our catering and restaurants are supported by an integrated cold chain logistics facility which includes a fleet of refrigerated trucks.

We order our fresh ingredients daily and do not stock up any fresh produce to ensure quality is good in the best condition. Our food handlers from the kitchen helper to the service crew and delivery men have also be trained in food hygiene standards conducted by the National Environment Agency and/or approved under the National Workforce Skills Qualification System.

All these ensure prompt and fresh deliveries to valued customers clients throughout Singapore and the rest of the world where we operate.

Robots that minimise contamination
To minimise unnecessary food handling and contamination, our Central Kitchen and selected outlets use sushi rice ball robots to make sushi rice balls. Outlets which do not have any robots get their supplies from the Central Kitchen. This also ensures consistency in size, quality, hygiene & efficiency.

Regular Laboratory Tests
At Sakae Holdings, we use science-based risk identification and management processes to systematically assess and control factors that could potentially compromise the quality of our ingredients and finished food items.

We send our food items and imported fresh produce for microbiological tests including Total Viable Count, Total Coliform Count, Escherichia Coli Count and Staphylococcus aureus. This is done within the Group as we take serious view on food safety and quality. More often than not, our results more than meet the minimum standards required. We also have a system in place to systematically investigate and rectify any situation should the need arise.

We also extend our quality and food safety systems to business partners across the supply chain to supplement our efforts. Regular quality checks are done on suppliers and their food supplies. This proactive measure is critical as it helps to prevent incidences of contaminated food supplies which may be costly for both parties to rectify.

Belt management for better food quality
Food items on the conveyor belt have been tracked and rolled for specific period of time to ensure freshness. Sushi that have been on the belt for more than a specific period of time are thereafter thrown away. We also use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system to track and manage this too.


Our Foodchain

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