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Sakae Teppanyaki has brought a previously expensive dining affair to the masses with its affordable gastronomic experience. With a contemporary elegance, large teppanyaki griddle and classy open dining concept, Sakae Teppanyaki dishes out only the best from our team of experienced chefs.

Our current menu serves a wide range of dishes that include fresh and live seafood that are usually found in Chinese seafood restaurants. Our live seafood range includes Alaskan king crab, lobsters, geoduck, fresh oysters and various live fishes like sea bass. We also have on our menu high quality meats, including Wagyu beef and wide selections of mushrooms and vegetables. Our uniquely healthy menu will create an unforgettable dining experience. 

Sakae Teppanyaki has received rave reviews and is fast becoming a hot favourite among food lovers. Since its debut in January 2007, our teppanyaki menu is available across ten outlets. 

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