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Triple the fun with Teppanyaki, Sushi

& Hot Pot all-in-one 

Kyo derived from the word ‘To-kyo’ – the capital of Japan, where the very first Teppanyaki restaurant in Japan was originated. Serving customers since April 2014 in Singapore, Kyo by Sakae offers a 3-in-1 teppanyaki, hotpot and sushi fusion concept targeted at Japanese food lovers seeking to add a touch of DIY or customization to their palettes.

Modelled to resemble our Sakae brand, trendy kaiten sushi belt is set to elevate your dining experience at Kyo. Diners can savour this divine ensemble of sophisticated grilling and simmering from our meticulously selected fresh ingredients, complemented by quintessential Japanese fare.

Portrayed to savour a tantalizing fare of natural and authentic flavours, coupled with pleasant soothing ambience intricate by our hospitable service staff – your experience is elevated to a whole new level. Accentuating the natural simplistic taste of the ingredients, our creations will satisfy the palates of discerning Japanese food connoisseurs. 

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